To understand molecular-immunologic processes in human-environment interactions is our research focus to improve diagnostics and therapy of the individual patient.

In contrast to large epidemiologic studies, we focus on rare monogenic diseases. Monogenic diseases allow a direct connection of gene defect, the consequential immunologic impairment, and clinical presentation. With the gained immunologic insights from our research, we develop novel diagnostic and research approaches.

In the center of our translational research are so-called inborn errors of atopic disease, a group of monogenic diseases presenting with allergy or atopic findings as one of the leading symptoms.

Here, hyper-IgE syndromes (HIES) are of particular interest to us. HIES are a group of rare inborn errors of immunity. In infancy HIES resemble atopic dermatitis. When the disease progresses, patients present with recurrent infections of skin and airways, which potentially lead to irreversible lung disease. Therefore, an early diagnosis is essential to prevent irreversible disease complications.